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Since 2004, Cranbrook Wealth Management has brought a lifetime perspective to our client’s complex financial situations as their trusted, independent, fee only, fiduciary investment advisory firm.  With more than $676 million in client assets under management as of 12-31-22, the team of professionals at Cranbrook Wealth execute with discipline and competency, building client relationships through expertise, trust, and empathy.

From portfolio management and investment guidance to strategic wealth planning across a variety of disciplines, let us be your Advisors for Life.



Our Team

Chief Compliance Officer
Investment Advisor Representative

Richard is the founder of Cranbrook Wealth Management, LLC. He was a pioneer in comprehensive financial planning in the...

Chief Executive Officer
Investment Advisor Representative

Mark has been advising and servicing clients since he entered the financial planning profession in 1997. He strives to...

Investment Advisor Representative

Logan joined the firm in 2015.  Logan advises clients on all aspects of financial planning and wealth management.  He is...

‎Investment Advisor Representative

Dominic works with clients and the firm’s senior advisors on financial planning and investment management tasks...

Office Manager
Client Service Representative

Jill is Cranbrook Wealth Management’s Office Manager.  Jill has been working in the financial services industry since...

‎Associate Advisor

Mitchell works with our firm's advisors to provide exceptional client support on various aspects of the financial...

Latest Blog Post

Preparing for the Sunset

by Logan Ross on
When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Act passed in 2017, we were told that all of the provisions – lower tax rates, much more generous estate tax exemption – would sunset at the end of 2025. That seemed a long way off back then. But now it is 2024, less than two years before what could be a jarring shift in our tax regime.

Is Now the Time for Foreign Stocks?

by Cranbrook Wealth on
When it comes to investing, the most normal inclination in the world is to question why an underperforming investment was included in the portfolio. So, why not go ahead and ditch those foreign stocks and buy American?
Starting in 2024, 529 account holders will be able to transfer up to a lifetime limit of $35,000 to a Roth IRA for a beneficiary. The Roth IRA rule can help Roth IRA owners avoid taxes and penalties for nonqualified withdrawals. It can also help people who want to fund a Roth in years when their income maybe too high to contribute.