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Since 2004, Cranbrook Wealth Management has brought a lifetime perspective to our client’s complex financial situations as their trusted, independent, fee only, fiduciary investment advisory firm.  With more than $676 million in client assets under management as of 12-31-22, the team of professionals at Cranbrook Wealth execute with discipline and competency, building client relationships through expertise, trust, and empathy.

From portfolio management and investment guidance to strategic wealth planning across a variety of disciplines, let us be your Advisors for Life.



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Richard is the founder of Cranbrook Wealth Management, LLC. He was a pioneer in comprehensive financial planning in the...

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has been advising and servicing clients since he entered the financial planning profession in 1997. He strives to...


Logan joined the firm in 2015. In addition to advising his own clients, Logan also assists the firm principals in...

Office Manager

Jill is Cranbrook Wealth Management’s Office Manager.  Jill has been working in the financial services industry since...

Dominic works with clients and the firm’s senior advisors on financial planning and investment management tasks...

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For the past two years, Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport, and one big reason is that it’s relatively easy to get up to speed and have fun after only a few hours of play, especially if you have a tennis or racquetball or even ping pong background.  Contrast this with golf and tennis where you can take lessons for years and still find yourself just bad today as you were before the lessons! These are some of the reasons Cranbrook Wealth Management recently funded a Pickleball court resurfacing, here's why we love the sport.

Chinese Style Accounting and Shareholder Management

by Cranbrook Wealth on
A staggering 18.47% of the world’s population lives in China, and by some measures, the nation makes up 18.2% of all global economic activity. This compares to the U.S. who has 12.4% of global economic activity. Yet with only 5% of the world’s population, the MSCI All-World Index that is designed to capture the total world investment opportunity set, you find that the United States makes up just under 60% of the total market allocation. Meanwhile, China makes up just 3.3% of the total market allocation.

Market Turbulence Ahead

by Cranbrook Wealth on
When you’re on a commercial flight, and the plane is approaching turbulence, the captain comes on the intercom to let you know to buckle up and expect ‘rough air.’  There should be similar warnings about ‘rough air’ in the markets, and this is a good time to offer one.